Snow, snow go away

Please. I’m sure a can speak for a bunch of people I know. This snow has got to go. And the prediction is we are getting hammered again tonight. I went to the grocery after work yesterday so we are all stocked up. However I am longing to be able to throw on a pair of flip flops and sit on my patio with the warm sun beating down and Birdie playing on her jungle gym. And not only have we been dumped on by snow, it’s frickin’ downright frigid out there. Like hurts to breathe when you step outside cold.
A Friends’ reference always makes me smile though.

In other news, I treadmilled early this morning. 3 miles and didn’t stop once to walk. I even sprinted part of the last quarter mile. I attribute my energy this morning to the pizza I ate last night. Carb loading at its finest.

Oh, and this picture made my Friday. My friend Krista was at the gym yesterday morning and I received a text that said. ‘Will this be us some day when we are old enough to join the sliver sneakers club?’ Seriously, look at those two ladies getting exercise and who knew the treadmill railing served a dual purpose as a purse hanger?

We all know someone like good old Sophia Petrillo. Don’t we?

Have a great weekend!

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