Archive | March 3, 2014

I did get a lot done

But that’s where it stopped. This weekend wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t like the weekends that I look forward to to get me through the work week. Bryon had to babysit work all weekend and supervise some subcontractors putting in a new machine. Birdie and I had a good time and organized and cleaned a bunch, but I really like to get out and do things as a family on the weekends. The snow probably would’ve hindered that anyway.

This morning I didn’t get up early enough to treadmill before Bryon left, so Birdie worked out with me. The kid loves to ‘workout’. She keeps me motivated too when I don’t feel like it. ‘Mama, ready to go downstairs and treadmill while I do yoga?’ She loves to play with the yoga mat and brick.

My workout this morning


This is pretty big news. Birdie ate a hot dog for lunch. Not that I’m excited about the nitrates, but the kid is SO picky. I was proud of her for trying and finishing it. Apparently the hot dog was number 1 in her book.

Surprisingly, she is very picky, but loves to help in the kitchen. I made Biggest Loser meatball subs for dinner and she was helping me crush the Wasa crackers

Only 11 more days until the weigh out for our work’s weight loss competition. I can’t blow it now! I’m actually doing pretty well!