Archive | March 10, 2014

Three More Days

It’s getting down to crunch time in this weight loss competition. Weigh out is Thursday. Our one teammate really thinks we have a shot at winning. It’d be nice if he’s right. Saturday morning started out like this

No joke an hour on the treadmill. And I didn’t even get bored thanks to the Biggest Loser and Friends.
Saturday afternoon we want to see the aristocats play. Birdie loved it.


Followed by a play date with K

Followed by Mexican for dinner
Sunday started with another treadmill session

Then errands, hey Mr. Bear, don’t eat my candy bar!

Errands wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at the Lego store. Birdie made out and brought home a new set. And we can’t forget lunch.

We also made a stop at Sam’s. Seriously, like we needed a jumbo box of Chex Mix?!

Have a great week and I’ll check in on weigh out day!