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Picture perfect weekend

Like seriously, like exactly what we needed after seven months of crappy weather.
Friday Birdie had an all day play date with Brooke

Saturday started off with a quick treadmill session

Saturday was our first outing of the season to Eddie’s Burger (Apparently Birdie doesn’t call it the Burger Ice Cream Shop anymore) maybe next year she’ll actually call the restaurant by its actual name!

Then some shopping

And of course dinner

After dinner we took a two mile walk on the lake trail and then Birdie played on the playground at the park

Sunday morning Bryon ran in a 5k dedicated to people serving our country. He said it was quite moving seeing soldiers missing legs or arms running the race. Really puts life into perspective.
I did another quick treadmill session while Birdie played in the basement

Then we went shopping for some replacement perennials that didn’t make it through the harsh winter. Good thing Birdie came along to pull the wagon around 😉

Then we stopped at Baba’s and Dziadza’s and Birdie helped Baba with some planting.

Monday was uneventful. Just how I like it. Yay to a shortened workweek too!