Archive | August 11, 2014

Week two and I’m still hanging in there

I had my second weigh in this morning since I recommitted to logging all of my food. I lost another pound. So a two pound loss in the last two weeks. Seeing that I upped my calories on my fitness pal to only lose half a pound per week, two pounds in two weeks isn’t bad.

The weekend was pretty low key. Bryon and the Birdie painted the garage Saturday morning while I did some indoor chores.

After our chores were done we decided to take a random trip to Target and then eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was very hard, but I stuck to their skinnylicious menu and order the chicken pasta.

It was pretty good. Oh and I skipped the bread too. Who am I? More for this guy!

Birdie has been expanding her palate a bit these days and ordered the mini burgers. It shocked the heck out of me!

Slowly but surely I’ve been getting faster on the treadmill. I did three miles this morning in 38:19. My first goal is to do three miles in 36 minutes.

Tomorrow is Birdie’s four year old checkup. She’s being a trooper about it because she was promised Chipotle after her appointment if she was brave and cooperated. Yeah, that’s right we use bribery when necessary.