Archive | September 19, 2014

I am really digging it

I am really digging this new Jazzercise class format. It probably helps that the instructor, Lauren, is the energizer bunny and is very motivating. Thursday, there were only three of us and we did stations again. 50 seconds with 10 second rest. As we were warming up for class, the doors were open to get some fresh air and two dogs joined us. A husky and a chubby chihuahua. They were a distraction for a minute or two then they were on their way.
It be nice if this guy showed up in class as a distraction too

I’ve been doing ok watching what I’m eating but I needed some energy while waiting for the Bird to get done with dance class this past week. M&Ms and honey roasted peanuts. Quite possible the best combo ever.

And just because this made me laugh when I saw it.