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Yoga, ugh

Saturday at Jazzercise, the class was a dedicated yoga class. I almost walked out, but thought, “no, this is why I signed up for this special jazz session, because these are the exercises I won’t do at home on my own”. The problem is I am the most inflexible person on the face of the earth. No joke.

Oh and the other problem, I have the weakest, wimpiest arms ever. Like I’m the girl that walks into class with two five pound weights and gets fatigued with them after ten reps.

After jazz we had a grand plan to go to a local vineyard like last year however plans were pushed back about an hour due to a pesky little furnace problem. Thank goodness we ponied up for the service contract. It was fixed with a minimal charge.

The afternoon redeemed itself nicely.
Just pumping a little water to get her duck to the other side.

Corn maze!

We found a clue!

How cute is this game table?

And we ended the day with a nice dinner. Ranch much?


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