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A day in the life

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life post. Especially since I’m home all week with Birdie.

4:25 am The alarm goes off. Seriously, I thought I was going to treadmill before Bryon’s workout? He wakes up too so we discuss who is going to workout first or at all. My stomach is growling so I decide I will be able to get a 5k in after he and Birdie leave for school. We snooze for 45 more minutes.

5:15 am Bryon begrudgingly gets up to workout and I relocate to my recliner in the living room and catch up on what’s happening on social media.

5:30 am I text back back and forth with my friend Krista because she gets up at roughly the same ungodly hour to go to the gym.

5:45 am I make Bryon’s lunch.

6:00 am I wake Birdie up for the day, help her get dressed, do her hair, brush her teeth and wash her face.

6:15 am still waiting for Birdie to decide what she wants for breakfast. She decides on Cheerios, baby fruit (yep, she still eats it) and OJ

6:30 am Bryon, is ready for work now so the three of us sit at the kitchen table and eat breakfast (an English muffin and a cup of international delight iced coffee drink) I really dig this fake coffee drink. I was spending way too much on McDonalds iced French vanilla coffee so I gave this a go.

7:30 am Bryon and Birdie leave for school and I hop on the treadmill for a 5k in 38 minutes.

8:15 am I cool down while sitting on the basement stairs answering some work emails.

8:30 am I shower, do my hair, put on makeup and all that jazz all while jammin out to some tunes since I never am alone in the house.

9:15 am leave for Birdie’s school (an hour earlier than usual because parents are invited today for the fireman visit)

High five-ing the fire guy

The firetruck tour


10:30 am Birdie and I leave school and stop at my mom’s house. I help her put a twin bed up in Birdie’s room then go get lunch for the three of us at Wendy’s.

12:30 pm Birdie and I head out to get a new baby girl gift for a friend of mine we are visiting tomorrow. I picked up a gift from my mom too. This is what Birdie picked out for the new baby.

She is SO excited to give her gift to the new baby.
2:00 pm after going back to my mom’s to drop off what we picked out for her, we head home and play a few games of princess spot it and some other miscellaneous playing with Legos

3:00 pm I send some messages to a few preschool moms regarding the trick or trunk event at the school this weekend

3:15 pm Birdie and I read while deciding what to have for dinner.

4:45 pm Bry gets gone from work we eat chicken quesadillas and clean up the kitchen

6:00 pm bath time for Birdie

6:30 pm family time, playing, watching tv, reading

8:00 pm Bedtime for Birdie

8:30 pm a little tv watching for Bryon and me and then closely followed by lights out.