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The day I joined I book club

Yesterday I was asked to join a book club by one of the preschool moms. Can I tell you all of the thoughts that ran through my head in a matter of 45 seconds?

The last book I read was Benjamin Back Talk Watch your Mouth. And the book before that was from the Fancy Nancy series. I have the best intentions when it comes to reading, but it’s last on my list now that the Birdie’s around.

Don’t get me wrong, I have books downloaded to my kindle app. I just never get past the first six pages of any of them. Well except 50 Shades. I did make it to the middle of book three in the trilogy.

Today was the first meeting of the book club. I tried to put all my nerves behind me and go meet some new ladies and have some fun. Socially awkward doesn’t begin to describe me, but I actually spoke up and had the girls laughing. Win!

I’m excited for these monthly book club meetings…now if I can actually read the books.