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March 1st seriously?

I wish I had something really exciting to write about, but February couldn’t have been any ‘blaher’. We can’t catch a break from the subzero temperatures and snow. It sucks.

I’ve been trudging along with work and home life with the Birdie and Bryon, but we haven’t been going out to do much on the weekends. I make my weekly trip to get groceries and we’ve been eating at home a lot , which is good for the weight loss competition I’m in.

One good thing is I’ve gotten quicker on the treadmill. This was this morning’s treadmill session


We have our third weigh in on Friday. I need to redeem myself to my team since I gained .8 pounds last weigh in. This portion of the competition wraps up March 25th. And the grand prize is $600 per three person team. Not too shabby eh?