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Nice long weekend

Bry and I ended our workweeks early last week. On Thursday we went to Cedar Point and stayed at Hotel Breakers for the night. We had a great time.

  We hung out at the park for a few hours and then went back and swam at the kiddie pool We went to dinner to Hibachi in our hotel. Not the best meal, but fun to watch. 

We went back to the park for the evening and Birdie rode some more rides. The next morning we ate at Perkins for breakfast and continued our road trip to my alma mater BGSU. Man, has the campus changed! Heck it has been 18 years since I’ve been on campus. My freshman dome (what Birdie kept calling the dorms!) is still there, McDonald Hall aka the virgin vault…no unescorted boys allowed, sure ok.   We headed back towards home and stopped off at Crocker Park for some lunch.


 Saturday was Bryon’s birthday. We hung out at home and then headed to the local fire department’s beef roast. Not my favorite thing, but I like to support the fire department and this 100% Polish girl loves listening to the polka band.

   Oh and so this happened at the beef roast. I didn’t think Birdie had a chance in hell to get a ping pong ball in a bowl. Apparently she did… Birdie did pretty good on the rope ladder too.   Happy Birthday Bryon!   

Sunday we met Bryon’s mom, dad, brother and niece for lunch.

It was a great weekend for sure! Here’s to a great workweek too!