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New Year’s Resolutions

Let me start by saying I hate New Years. I hate thinking of what’s to come. I could stay status quo in 2015 and be just fine. That being said, I have been thinking about a few changes I’d like to make in 2016.

1. Quit what iffing. I drive myself nuts thinking about what if. Like my friend Patti says “don’t borrow troubles” amen sister.

2. Start doing consistent cardio again 3 days a week. I really do like treadmilling and either listening to music (MY music, not kidz bop or something Birdie wants to listen to) or watching Hulu. That Mindy show is REALLY funny. I’m only two episodes in but it’s funny stuff. The consistent cardio will be much easier when the weather is nicer and all three of us can go on the lake trail. Birdie completed her first kid’s 1/4 mile fun run this summer on her 5th birthday!


 3. Have a date night once a month with Bryon. This is actually something HE needs to work on, every time I suggest it, he says what about Birdie?! And it’s even to the point if she hears me she says, ‘where should we go!’ Bryon and I had years of alone time before Birdie came along so it’s not quite that big of deal to us, but every now and then it would be nice. 
4. Blog more. I quit cold turkey because it seemed so mundane but I really liked looking back at our memories, so I want to start it back up. I never intended to make this a paying job, so if I only blog 3-4 times a month to capture the memories then that’s how it will be.

Well I guess in 365 days we will see if I succeed with these resolutions and if I don’t it’s ok as long as I gave it a good effort!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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