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Lately we’ve been hanging low. Saturday Birdie had another swim lesson and Bry ran the kickoff race for a local running club.  

While I was in the shower Birdie wrote down kids bop songs she wanted me to download. Ummmm I’m supposed to listen to them first and approve them, but since it’s kids bop I guess it’s harmless. And if she wouldn’t have gone ahead and written them down, I wouldn’t have had this little gem.  

Saturday night we had a reverse raffle at Birdie’s school. We had a good time, but we were big losers. The food rocked though. The chicken was the bomb.


After the raffle, we picked Birdie up from my parents and things weren’t quite as fun.  Birdie got very sick and by Sunday afternoon her temperature was close to 104. I was freaking. We called the doctor and managed her fever with meds. I took her to the doctor today and her fever was gone at the doctor but is back again. The doctor warned me her fever could go back up at night. Not 104 thank goodness, but still elevated.

Despite feeling under the weather, she was cracking me up while we were waiting for her flu test results which were negative, but we got an antibiotic for her cough. The link below is Bird eating a Popsicle while waiting for the test results

Who doesn’t like Popsicles?!
And this little guy has been pecking at our window relentlessly lately  

That’s about it for us lately, hopefully the 60 degree days stick around! 

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