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We have a FIRST grader and the weekend highlights

School started this past Wednesday and Birdie is a big first grader now! And side note, Facebook memories suck. Yeah, I get the concept, but I need to be in a certain mood to look back at memories, and randomly isn’t cutting it. Usually these memories turn into instant waterworks for me. 

In case anyone is wondering, the Bird is holding jitter glitter in the above photo. Her teacher sent the kids a letter before school started with a cute little poem and a baggie of jitter glitter to help with the first day jitters. Not only did Birdie sleep with it, she took it with her and kept it in her backpack in case a case of the jitters crept up. I’m pretty sure it worked since she dropped Bryon like a hot potato when he dropped her off the second day. It’s only the first week of school, but Birdie’s teacher is pretty awesome so far. She has had knock out of the park wonderful teachers for all four years she has been at this school. 

Saturday morning started out with a 1/4 mile kids’ run and a 5k for Bry. We ran with big K and little K (baby K is still a little small to run even a 1/4 mile)

And is this not the cutest picture of Bryon cheering Birdie on?

I’m pretty sure she has better form than I do. 

Then we all high tailed it to one of Birdie’s classmate’s birthday party at the park.

These three have been friends since they were three. They met in their first year of preschool. :) 

The birthday boy. These two are good buddies!

Thanks buddy for introducing Birdie to Nerf guns…all I’ve heard for the past two days is how she needs to go to Target because she saw a pink Nerf gun there and they need a play date to have a Nerf war! 

Sunday we attended my mother in law’s work picnic. Water balloon toss!

Man, I’ve said it before, but this summer has been awesome! Full of fun and great memories. I usually start looking forward to fall around now, but I don’t want this summer to end!

Have a great week!