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Labor Day weekend fun!

Saturday morning started out with a 5k for Bryon and a 1 miler for me and Birdie. We participated in the Race to Cure Blindness. Birdie and I were the only participants in the 1 mile. Thank goodness they printed out maps and marked the course on the road. If not, I’m pretty sure we would’ve gotten lost. I know, it was only 1 mile but I can’t follow a GPS to save my life.  Lily finished the mile in 13:10ish. So proud of that kid! 

Post run donut stop

Later that evening Bry and I went to our friends’ house for a get together. Of course I didn’t take one picture but we had a great time. 

Sunday morning we ran a mile on the lake trail and ran some errands in the afternoon. While we were on our errand run, I got a text from my college friend Melissa letting me know they were in town hanging at the lake. We haven’t seen each other in three years. We met up later that day. It made my weekend.  

She and her best friend growing up, Amy, went to BG. We met the first day the freshman arrived. I was walking around looking to make sure I knew where all my classes were and met up with them at the Math Science building. We quickly realized after chatting a bit, we lived across from one another in our dorm. If it weren’t for them that first semester making sure I actually left my dorm room to eat and get out to have some fun, I probably would’ve died from homesickness. 

They would knock on my door every evening and make me come to the common area to watch Roseanne and wheel of fortune. 

Lily had a blast too with Melissa and Bob’s oldest son. I turned my back for one second and found her trying to reach the leaves from the trees, taking a ride! 

Sunday we took Bird to the trail to practice riding her bike. The bike is a titch small, but she is still very unsteady on it even with training wheels.

It was a beautiful, wonderful weekend and a great end to the unofficial close of summer.