Archive | October 3, 2016

She’s playing volleyball and other highlights lately

Birdie signed up for a five week volleyball clinic. Her teacher is the varsity volleyball coach and is helping with the elementary clinic  so this helped her decide to try it out. 

Look at that form while spiking. Yes we know the ball is on her side of the net. 

She received an award for biggest hustler and most team spirit. That’s my girl. 

I chaperoned the first grade field trip to the apple orchard. Did I mentioned I signed up to be homeroom Mom too? 

We participated in the heart walk Saturday. I let Birdie choose the one or three mile course. She chose three. Proud of you Bird! 

After the walk we had a little downtime before heading to a classmate’s party at the roller rink

How cute is Birdie and her friend helping another friend on skates out during the chicken dance. Makes my heart happy! 

Helping a friend out

These two! Love them! 

And to end the weekend, middle K is 4!! Happy Birthday!

Have a great week!