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Thanksgiving fun

Thanksgiving was pretty great this year. 

It started with the annual pumpkin roll with the pumpkins rolling into the woods

Even My brother’s dog, Gershee, was in on the fun. 

My mom was not happy that there were Christmas decorations in a Thanksgiving photo. She wanted to get a jump start on Christmas decorating so she decorated some rooms but left thanksgiving decorations up in the living room and kitchen for our dinner. She is a stickler about blending holiday decorations!

Friday we stayed in jammies all day and went to Baba’s for leftovers. It was wonderful to hang out and do nothing. I, unlike my mom, have no problem decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving so I was done decorating. 

Saturday we went to a life size candy land game. It was ok. Not sure we’d go back, but glad we checked it out.