Archive | December 18, 2016

Christmas time fun

We have been having jam packed Christmas season fun around here!

We went to breakfast with Santa with my parents and brother last weekend

And this picture, seriously, all the pointsettias in the lobby looked like this. Isn’t anyone on watering duty? And why not just throw them out?!  Bryon and I actually had our reception at this venue 12 years ago. We were one of the first couples to have our reception here. 

Funny, well sort of funny story, it was a monsoon out the day of our wedding and my brother got a call while the bridal party was in the limo coming from the church, that the power was out. My brother didn’t want to tell me so I didn’t freak. We kept driving around until the very last second and when we arrived at the reception the only thing that was wrong was that a fire door wouldn’t unlock right away so the guests had to use an alternate entrance. 

Ok, tangent over. 

Birdie had her Christmas program at school. These kids, although not her entire class, they are all the best!

Notice the handmade beaded necklace and bracelet she made with my mom that she HAD to wear to each performance. She had one to match each dress. 

Bryon and Birdie’s second annual making of the gingerbread house. 

And our annual Christmas get together with this bunch!

And Birdie’s friend’s birthday party at an art studio. 

Now on to Christmas week, I only have two days of work this week, then Bird’s school Christmas party if it ever stops snowing! The kids have had three snow days already!! At this rate they will be going to school until the end of June!