Archive | December 31, 2016

Christmas pretty much rocked it this year

If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m Bird’s class homeroom mom. The Christmas party was pretty fun. I also just noticed in this picture that all the kids are on ready to learn, with the exception of one…wonder who THAT was?! Well at least the closepin wasn’t on parent contact!

We played some of the party minute to win it games at home that night too.

We went out to lunch with Baba the Thursday before Christmas and Dziadzia brought Birdie her annual village flower arrangement.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents’ house.

Christmas morning the three of us opened our gifts and then my parents and brother came over at 9:30 for breakfast.

We hung out at home for the afternoon until Bry’s mom and brother got off work. Then we went to their house to celebrate with them. Bryon was busy all morning and afternoon opening toy packaging! 


I always get terribly sad at the end of the Christmas season but I am looking forward to 2017