Archive | January 2, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

So I looked back on my resolutions for 2016, and yeah, we should try those again, with a little refining.

1. Do consistent cardio at least three times a week. I pretty much failed miserably, consistently being the key.  I go in spurts and then I don’t. I received the new Fitbit charge 2 for Christmas and a pair of wireless beats so what better time to start then now? I’m planning on signing up for the second runDisney virtual race in May so I should get my butt in gear now. It is on my bucket list to do an actual runDisney race someday.

2. Have date nights (I’ll even take days) with Bryon once a month. 

3. Blog at least 3-4 times a month. Like I said last year, I LOVE looking back on the memories so I need to keep it up. The one good thing I am good at is scrapbooking. I’m all caught up on Bird’s scrapbooks. I use Snapfish and only have our Christmas pictures left to add before I can order it. I make her scrapbooks by year so I’m ready to start a new one for 2017!

I get very down in the dumps after Christmas, but this January and February our weekends will be full of horseback riding and basketball for eight weeks so I’m hoping I don’t get into my usual winter funk. I hate going out in the cold and how dark it is in the evenings, but I need to suck it up and get through it, being happy. 

Bird finally got proper riding gear. Bryon took her this past Tuesday while I was at work to get a helmet. No more bike helmet, yay!

Here’s a picture of Bird and the horse she rides Patches. He’s so chill, he doesn’t like to move much but he’s perfect for Birdie! In the below picture Birdie and Patches are getting to jump walk slowly over the pole. Wednesday was the first time they attempted this.

Happy New Year!