A weekend with no (scheduled) plans

This past weekend we had nothing scheduled. Not. One. Thing. Until my car conked out again so we had to take it to the dealer and Birdie’s glasses were in, and we had to make a Target run and a party store run and a stop at a a car dealer or two because Bryon is looking for a new car. Yeah, no scheduled plans.

Friday night dinner was sushi with my brother and then watching inauguration coverage. It was a nice visit with him.

Clearly only one person was happy for me to take a picture…

Saturday was the day for errands. The good news is we had a nice lunch at Panera, and although my car couldn’t be fixed Saturday, the repair won’t break the bank too bad.

I was quite happy with my lunch choice.

So was she. Would you look at the size of that baguette on Birdie’s plate? She loves that bread (who doesn’t?) She ate about half of it with her soup and wrapped the rest in a napkin like my great Cioci Emma would do with leftovers from a restaurant. Food would never go to waste on her watch!

Sunday morning Bryon made us Mickey waffles. Starting out the day with these makes me happy.

One of Birdie’s classmates brought in new crayons for their whole table. So thoughtful because we all know this time of year crayons from the beginning of the year become quite sad. So Bird got to work on a thank you to give to him.

Sunday, Bryon went back to another car dealer to look at a car. We conned him in to bringing Chipotle home for dinner. It’s been way too long! FYI: We wear Christmas pajamas until Easter around here. 

Our upcoming week is filled with a few busy evenings, hope everyone has a good one! 

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