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Week in review 

My week started out as usual with two bummers in the new foods department. Thumbs down to both of the below. 

I was hoping this was the bubbly version of Propel. No dice. 

And these raspberries were way too sour for me. 

Dinner that night redeemed the two above bummers though. We’ve been on a roasted broccoli kick lately. 

I took Friday off and started my day out after Bird and Bryon left for the day. Yep that’s right 5 miles on the treadmill. I might be able to run a 10k race before the summer is out. We’ll see. 

I went shopping to Athleta after my treadmill session and tried on pretty much everything in the store. It was glorious. Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping with Bry and Bird, but it’s nice to be in a dressing room all by myself without a six year old hogging the mirror…

I asked for a pair of these Stance socks for Christmas and they are now my new favorite workout sock. I have not had any luck with ankle socks in the past they would always slip into my shoes. Not these babies. And I love the color combination of these too. So I walked out of Athleta with a few more pair. 

Friday night dinner was our usual sushi again. 

When did she learn to pose like this for pictures?!?

Saturday started out with this quick workout I adapted from a bunch of Pinterest workouts I’ve seen. Birdie joined me. When I run on the treadmill she runs back and forth the length of the basement. I’m horrible at doing any sort of workout with weights or strength training. I’ve done three in the past two weeks. Maybe it’s a new trend. 

Saturday afternoon we attended a chili cook off benefit at Bird’s school for a little sister of some of Bird’s schoolmates who needs a liver transplant. She’s four months old. The positive side to this is the benefit was awesome and so many people came together to help the family with medical expenses. Sadly Birdie didn’t win the life-like baby doll they were raffling off. Can’t say I’m sad about it. That doll was a little too life like! 

After the raffle the three of us headed to run some errands. 

We stopped at the Microsoft store to look at a Surface but walked out empty handed. 

Sunday was Birdie’s last basketball  game. And she scored!! Yay!

Have a great week!