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This (and some of last) week’s happenings

I don’t know if I mentioned but I joined the gym. The gym that I used to go to just didn’t work into our schedule anymore once we had Birdie, but I found out that they have a kidfit class for kids 6 and up so I thought I would join again. It’s $4.56/week with my work discount so why not huh? Tidbit I found out: you have to pay $3.00 for the first child to participate  and you can workout for free. Whoops I could’ve done this whole thing for free but oh well maybe I can use it before work in the summer sometimes when I don’t have to be home to help Bird get ready for school. 

I went at lunch one day to sign up and stopped at a deli on the way back and got a great salad and garlic bread. I don’t usually leave work for lunch so this was a treat. 

Bird had a birthday party at the roller skating rink and bounce house. Crazy girl! 

After the party we went to target and chipotle. My love for chipotle is definitely back. I can’t get enough. 

Last Sunday we went to Whole Foods. Man, I wish we had one closer. We came home with a bucket of wings and these nuts. They are pretty good. 

Birdie has been obsessed with leaning about the presidents. 

Birdie found her first painted rock. It’s been a big thing around here. There’s a group that paints rocks and hides them and when you find them you rehide them. She’s having a hard time with the rehiding part…

Saturday Bird went to her first kidfit class. She LOVED it!

While she worked out, Bry and I worked out. 

And donuts were in order after the gym. 

Bryon got a fruity pebbles donut. He said it was really good. 

Saturday night we had one of the big fundraisers at Birdie’s school, the St. Patrick’s reverse raffle. It was so much fun! We spent too much and were big losers. But that’s ok. It was a great time!!

He took bingo very seriously!! 

And since we have date night roughly once a year we went to see a band after the raffle. 

And I can’t believe I’m typing this, but we didn’t get home until 12:30 am!! Really smart thing to do on top of DST! It was worth it though. We sat with other first Grade parents at the raffle and went out to see the band with Bird’s friend’s (that happens to be a boy, not a boyfriend mama!) parents.  Sunday I was good for nothing that’s for sure. 

Bird stayed the night at my parent’s house (only the third time ever!) so we went to Costco and a new to us grocery store. I was SO tired the whole day but Bird really wanted to recreate a blue apron chicken dish so that’s what we did for dinner. Man I really want to get takeout a call it a day but I’m really glad we made this!

Have a great week everyone!!