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First day of school and birthdayyyyy!!!!

Last week was quite a busy one. It started out with eclipse watching, followed by the Birdie's first day of second grade and 7th birthday celebrations.

My friend at work, Scott, had a pair of eclipse glasses he shared with a bunch of us.

Tuesday was Bird's first day of second grade. It was also Bird's 7th birthday. She only had school a half day the first day so Bryon and I celebrated with her in the afternoon.

After we dropped Bird off at school Bryon and I went to the trail and trotted a 5k. It was really nice to spend some alone time together. It's been a while since we had a date!

The birthday celebration part one.

Birdie's babysitter came over to say goodbye before she left for her freshman year of college. Birdie is usually with my parents after school and on summer break, but we had the babysitter come once a week to give my mom a break. Birdie really enjoyed hanging out with her.

Just a little front yard golf lesson.

Birthday celebration part 2 with my parents, brother, Bry's parents, brother and niece.

It was a busy week but a good week. And now onto the first full week of school!