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It was a social butterfly weekend for sure

Have you guys seen that internet meme that says ‘it’s too peopley for me out there?’ That sums my life up pretty well. I hate mingling and small talk. Like hate it. I’m awkward and cannot ‘work the crowd’. This past weekend was full of people. A lot of people.

Friday night dinner was the three of us. It was definitely ‘the calm before my people storm’.

I need to rewind to Thursday though. Bryon and Birdie completed a two mile race. I wasn’t there hence the silly seven year old photos but Bird did awesome. She finished in 26:02.

Saturday we started out at kidfit and I completed three miles on the treadmill while Birdie was in class.

Then we met some friends for a corn maze. The kids had tons of fun and left hot, sweaty messes.

Saturday night we were invited to a bonfire at our neighbors. It was fun but by the end of the night I was beat.

Sunday was full of chores and in the evening we had a dining event to support our local arts center. It was a six course meal. The food and fellowship were nice, but I’m just not a make small talk person.

I have to say, although I’m not a party type person, it was nice to get out because the weekend was full of laughs that’s for sure.

Have a great week everyone!