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December so far

December started out for Bird with a classmate’s birthday party at the Y with swimming and face painting.

And see that tiny little plastic pink bow on the bear? Well when we got home and it was time to wash the bear off, Birdie was dead set on keeping the bow. Why?! No idea. Anyway as I was peeling it off her face, it slipped out of my hand and went under the dryer.

As Bryon was moving the washer and dryer to try and find it. The water pipe to the washer came loose and started leaking. Yep. That’s right. Water leaking everywhere. It could have been way worse, but still a pain nonetheless. So now the tiny plastic bow is safely in a ziploc bag in Birdie’s drawer. Good times.

The next day was more of the same. I was leaving my parents’ house and rolled down my passenger window to tell my mom something and THE WINDOW WOULDN’T ROLL BACK UP! So Bryon had to tape plastic all around it so I could get to work the next day. All of this happened the week he was working 12 hour days even on Saturday and Sunday.

I had to drive in the dark not being able see well at all out of the passenger window. Not my brightest move.

Last Thursday was Birdie’s Christmas program. It started like this:

In the afternoon program she was an elf with one line and one extra line because a little girl was absent that day. Fast forward to the evening show, we had a ton of snow in a short amount of time and some of the kids couldn’t get to the school so Birdie had to fill in to be one of four TREES! Why was she chosen to fill in you ask? Because from day two with the script about a month ago she memorized the whole play. Up to the point she was bugging the lead in the play (the littlest Christmas tree) on the playground because he didn’t know his lines as quickly as she thought he should.

The story doesn’t end there. During the nighttime performance, since she was now a tree, another little girl took her elf line. But not only was she supposed to take Bird’s line, she was supposed to take the little girl’s line that was absent earlier in the day.

Guess what? The little girl forgot one of the lines and RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW Birdie turns to her up on the stage and says ‘come down to the microphone, it’s your line!’ Confusion ensued and the line was never said and the Bird was pi$$ed! It all ended well though. Phew.

Friday night was sushi and going to see a light display.

Saturday we went into the big city with some friends to go through the Kris Kringle experience. The kids loved it! I felt like I was caught in the middle of the Willy Wonka movie.

Sunday we went to breakfast with Santa and then had my work party in the evening. There was some gingerbread house making in between too.

We have another fun weekend ahead. Not quite as busy, but will be full of Christmas fun I’m sure!

Have a great week everyone!