Christmas recap and Happy New Year!

Some pictures from the last couple of weeks of Christmas festivities

Bethie stopped to visit and spoiled Bird with gifts!

Our Christmas with our good friends.

Selfies are ok in your forties right?!

Bryon made these gingerbread men for Birdie’s school. 

My dad has gotten a Thomas Kinkade village and arrangement for Birdie since her first Christmas. 

Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. 

Christmas morning at our house. 

Unfortunately my parents weren’t feeling well Christmas morning so they didn’t come over for breakfast, but my brother made it over.

After breakfast we went over to Bry’s parents’ house. 

The day after Christmas was a day full of a messy house and a bunch of play time! I didn’t want to ruin Birdie’s fun, but this silently drove me nuts all day long…

And just like that Christmas is over and 2018 is here. Today I started my day off with a treadmill session before taking down the Christmas decorations.

Happy New Year everyone! 

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