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Man, summer is busy already!

Horse camp was this past week. That meant driving Birdie there in the morning and picking her up after work. The kid was in her glory!

The week ended with a horse show and Birdie cantered for the first time on River. It was rough on this mama! I watched with one eye closed!

Post show selfie

Grammy and Grampy came to watch too.

The Saturday before camp we ran a 2 mile race. Bird rocked it!

Followed by dinner outside by the lake.

Although I won’t have to drive out to the horse farm everyday anymore since camp is over, Bird starts tennis, running and continues with her horseback riding lessons weekly now for the rest of the summer. Needless to say, meal planning has gone out the window. At least I still can food prep on Sundays so we have fruits and vegetables cut up for quick snacks on the go or I can make a quick stir fry. I do love summer but I can’t believe it’s actually busier than the school year!

Have a great week!