Archive | June 11, 2018

Happenings from the past month

We’ve been pretty busy around here since I last posted after Birdie’s First Holy Communion. After Communion weekend, we left the following Saturday for a few days in Disney. Dziadzia came along for this trip. We had a bunch of fun!

She is in the back all prepared for the drop!

The day after we came back from vacation was fun day at school.

Bird’s cousin invited her skating that following weekend

End of school picnic at the neighbors. Always a great time with this group of friends!

We did a few races too with the most recent being a fundraiser for Birdie’s school.

We have been very busy lately with no end in sight. Bird will be starting a few camps coming up and our weekends will be filled with graduation parties, picnics and even a wedding.

Have a great week!