Busy, busy weekend!

Our weekend started out with Friday night dinner. After dinner Birdie and I worked on her Me Collage while a Bry worked on trunk or treat. Bird powered through and finished the whole thing. I even taught her how to use the Cricut for the title.

Saturday morning started with chores followed by Birdie’s tennis lesson. Bry and I decided to take a couples lesson. It was like riding a bike for me, sort of…I figured out I’m not as quick to get to those short shots as I was in high school, you know like 28 years ago…

We made a quick trip to Walmart for some things for the upcoming week. I have not gone into Walmart since they started grocery pickup maybe 8(?) months ago. And below is why…

After tennis we went to Panera for lunch followed by a quick trip to Joann’s and the grocery store.

Sunday morning started out with a local 5k. Bird came in second in her age group and PR’d (33:56 minutes!) and Bry came in first in his age group. And me? I completed the race in under 40 mins. That’s my goal for these 5ks.

After the race Bryon got going on yard work and Birdie and I got going on food prep for the week.

I have found that it seems I’m not prepping enough and by the time I get home after work on the weekdays I’m so tired if the majority of dinner isn’t prepared we tend to get takeout. Not diggin’ it so this week I prepped way more than usual so we will see how the week goes.

While I was finishing up with the food prep, I found Birdie like this reading in her makeshift reading nook as she called it.

We have a busy upcoming week, trunk or treat is Friday night and the Halloween party at the barn is Saturday. Bird and her friend swore me to secrecy as to what they are dressing the horse and themselves up as so I will try my best to blog about it next weekend.

Have a great week everyone!

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