Our Christmas season this year

We had a wonderful 2018 Christmas season filled with family and friends. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas was full of fun activities and the hustle and bustle of getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

We went with some friends to Santa’s workshop to make a toy.

Bird’s finished product. As you can see there was a slight mishap with the red paint…

She seriously has to take a pony ride wherever we see one. I can’t convince her that she actually rides weekly at the barn, by herself .

The next morning we did the last race of the year for our running club. It was cold but a good time.

It was a beautiful day the day after the race so we took advantage of the nice weather and ran again (the last time these legs have seen running shoes since. January 1 here I come…)

After our run we stopped at my parents house to help my mom finish decorating her last tree.

Nina came back for the season to visit Birdie too.

We visited Bethlehem with my Dad.

Bry and Bird built a gingerbread house too.

Bird’s school Christmas program.

Barn Christmas partyDon’t steal our presents! Lol

Christmas with friends (basically family!)

Ugly sweater day at school.

School Christmas party.

Dziadzia’s yearly gift to Bird, a Thomas Kinkade Christmas village and flower arrangement.

Christmas with Bry’s family .

Christmas with my family.

Christmas morning at our house. Poor Bird has blinked in every Christmas morning picture through the years. She tries hard but the flash gets her every time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and here’s hoping for a splendid 2019!

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