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Goofy, Daisy and a Couple of Pirates

I have a few more updates from our May Disney vacation and figured I’d throw them in here and there throughout the next couple weeks.

We ran into these guys in Epcot one day on vacation


That same evening we attended the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise. The party portion starts in a ballroom at the Contemporary. There are snacks and drinks. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee make an appearance and pose for photos. Once the pre-cruise party is over everyone boards a boat on the Seven Seas Lagoon with an emcee named Patch. He is quite entertaining on the trip telling stories and interacting with the guests. Once Wishes starts, the music can be heard on the boat. It’s a pretty great view.

Look at those crazy pirates!



After the boat returns to the dock, a special guest is waiting to greet everyone. It’s Peter Pan!! Poor Birdie was SO tired but she stayed awake to meet him!